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NAKED INNOCENCE, The Bastille Day Murder
Book Two in the Tony Felice Mystery Series

Tony Felice is a young private investigator, living in San Diego’s small enclave know as, the Hillcrest.  In the first book of the series, Tony solves his first big murder investigation case on an undercover assignment in northern California.   Life is going well for him. 

Now settled back home, in book two, you will enjoy following in Tony’s personal and love life and getting to know more about him.  You’ll soon feel like he is one of your best friends and you’ll want to know everything he’s been doing.

In this the second book in the Tony Felice Mystery Series, Tony finds himself committed to solving the murder of one of his best friends.  Along the way he finds his own life in jeopardy but he is committed to making sure justice prevails and the murder mystery is solved.  His new love interest becomes involved with the investigation and the two begin to bond in ways that only two people in love can share.  Their steamy sexual encounters make for some stimulating reading. 

The story line takes the reader on a roller coaster of twists and turns as Tony attempts to figure out just what did happen to the young man who appears to have been innocently murdered.  A case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time …or was it?   In the end, Tony is richly rewarded for his commitment to this investigation and solving this case.  It’s these riches that will take both Tony and Brad on a new adventure on the high seas.  An adventure they will not soon forget.

 Watch for the third book in the series coming soon.   And if you have not read the first book, NAKED DICK, you really should pick up a copy.  It’s Tony’s introduction to the reader and his exposure to the nudist world where he discovers something about himself.  Enjoy!